Front garden design is of the utmost importance in the landscape world, it needs to be elegant, clean and very practical for all involved. Whether you live in the hustle and bustle of a city or the great British countryside, a front garden can really help you make a great first impression to a visitor or a prospective purchaser – after all this is the first part of your home that is visible.

In reality, for many of those cold winter months we are more likely to use our front garden design more than the rear no matter how beautiful it is. Every time we leave our homes were greeted by our front gardens and what a difference a stunning design and driveway can make. This blog will include our ‘top three tips’ for creating that stunning front garden that everyone desires.

1. Symmetry is at the forefront of all practical and stylish designs. Here you should look to include a symmetrical set of high pots, planters or arches either side of the door to offer that wow factor upon entering your home. Straight lines and simple yet elegant planting is always very easy to achieve. Trustone Driveway Paviors provides the perfect natural stone paving solution to bring all the aspects together while allowing for the all-important drainage in those winter months.


2. Structure is a key part of designing your front garden and needs to signal where people should go – however obvious, it is always overlooked until the end of the project by most people. The easiest way to achieve this is with a clear path to the front door and some standout feature at the front of the house as previously discussed. A set of paving steps is the perfect feature to achieve this and will elegantly lead you to your home. Your only wish will be that the paving slabs matched these of Stonemarket’s Beachside Stone Paving.

Another structural aspect, which is of significant importance, is the Driveway. Over the years our clients have often listed their driveways as a feature, which they wish to improve in Stage 1 of their garden design. Often this is down to the fact that their driveway does not match the architectural philosophy of their home and with it often incorporating over 75% of the front garden it is not one to be overlooked! These popular Beachside Driveway Setts above often form an integral part of our designs as they seamlessly fit within any project and surrounding they are placed in.

3. Durability is a key aspect after the aesthetics of your front garden as it is the most frequently used place. Driveways are subject to prolonged use from cars and natural erosion such as freeze thaw, the surface material has to be able to withstand all that is thrown at it. Permeapave is a very popular choice for driveway projects as the design of the blocks allows rainwater to pass into a specially designed sub-base and then drain away naturally, rather than into hard pressed drainage systems that are normally present prior to the design.

The base for the driveway is as important for the wearing surface, particularly to keep the whole structure from moving and drifting out of shape. The Permeapave as pictured in our garden design Cheltenham project below is a perfect example that any professional landscape designer should incorporate with symmetry, structure and durability.


Nick Dickinson of Elementa Garden Design has been both designing and building beautiful gardens for four decades now. Nick is a much sought after plantsman and garden designer in Gloucestershire who is able to take a planting brief, however sketchy and transform your garden into something that will really stimulate the senses.